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09-12-2012, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bipolarhabfan View Post
I wont lose my breath over millions lost by an already ridiculously rich owner. He probably has people working for him who know the calculus of accounting and corporate law working feverishly to lessen the economic impact of a lockout. I worry most about the average worker in concessions, in cleaning services, people who usher, people who work in pubs and restaurants, etc. set to lose much needed pay for food and shelter, and the fans who have to go through this again. In short, I am concerned most for those at the bottom of the corporate chain, workers who make the spectacle possible.
Amen to this, as far as I'm concerned the problems of multimillionaires don't keep me awake at night. It's the restaurant and pub owners as well as the employees of those establishments that will be effected more if the season is lost. I feel for them more than I do any NHL team owners.

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