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12-05-2003, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by officeglen

The Sens are negotiating with Alfie for a contract extension (he is a UFA at the end of this year). If they reach contract terms, it means that Hossa and Alfie are the #1 and #2 RWs for the upcoming years, so Havlat is a #3 RW, which seems to be a waste of top line talent (though Havlat gets first unit PP time). So it is just possible they might move Havlat, if they reach contract terms with Alfie.

What they want in return: Morrow, Morrow, or even Morrow. Other options lose too much in age, add too much in salary, or donít provide enough skill. Having said that, perhaps Jere Lehtinen would be considered, as he can play LW, and was resigned to a four year deal, paying him $2.6M this year, and Jacques Martin would love him so much he would have his babies after the necessary sex change.

In previous threads discussing Havlat, Morrow, or Lehtinen resulted in some non-constructive postings, as the fans generally like these players a lot, and donít want to see them move. So Iím not sure if we should toss these names around lightly.

Perhaps we should instead debate the safer Bonk for Arnott type deal.

Edit: Please see TSN article: TSN: Senators out of Peca sweepstakes?

Morrow, Morrow, Morrow.

So if the Sens want somebody Morrow-like, and don't want to give up a young D, then it will take somebody like Havlat to make it happen. However according to the terms of the Sens fans charter, we are obligated to first offer you White and Schastlivy for Morrow, and we are willing to explain in great detail why that is a terrific deal (did you know Schastlivy has a great shot?).
I have been suggesting this since the summer and am glad to see i am not alone. Your comments about Sens fans stating essentially that Havlat is not available are pretty damn funny. Stars fans feel the same about Morrow. With Guerin and Arnott on the top two lines the Stars have a pretty good supply of PF types and also have Barnes who brings a lot of grit. Losing Morrow hurts the future a bit but getting Havlat in return should more than make up for it. I think the Sens are going to make a choice between Hossa and Havlat and I think that even though Havlat has incredible skill and a wonderful upside that you have to go with Hossa on this one. I can't see all three of those guys staying in Ottawa unless Havlat can be shifted to centre of learn how to be effective on the left side.

Even without making a big deal I think these teams are going to turn it around but they both would benefit from giving their forward lines a slightly different look.

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