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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
- I'm not sure how it breaks down, but I would guess that as the year went on, Streit played against better competition more and more...again this is my memory hoping that numbers back me up I remember it, Witt just couldn't skate with these guys anymore...I mean, come on, Witt vs. Crosby in 2008 or 2009 or whenever, Witt would get back just in time to pull the puck out of the net...I thought Witt was moved down the lineup as the year went on and Streit took on more heartier portions as he gained confidence with being a #1 guy and playing like one...could be mistaken, but that's how I think it went...
You could very well be right… I don’t think there is anything one can do to conclusively prove that. But I know Witt declined very rapidly from a trade deadline pickup worth (!?!) a 1st round pick, to a slow, useless player who couldn’t stick on a bad team.

having the GAA of the team go down when he's out there is a major improvement from his time in Montreal (when the inverse was true according to what you dug up, yes?).

Although, one thing. When you say “context”, that is what the zone starts and QoC provide. For example, if he appeared to have a negative impact on GAA, one could point to strong completion and low offensive zone starts as an ‘excuse’ for such a number. But he doesn’t really have those excuses. Anyway, it sounds like you’re trying to say we need to contextualize the context and even after all that it could still be luck. Yes, it could. I’m not sure that can really be proven or disproven. Corsi helps (the 10X larger sample size removes most if not all of the luck) – and he is a good Corsi player - but does nothing to account for the impact of QoC and zone starts – factors which can be completely responsible for a player looking good in Corsi.

Streit has always been significantly better than Rozsival offensively...and defensively, Rozsival is no prize pig either...average at his peak...doesn't move his feet well enough when attacked in transition, stops moving and reaches, reknowned for his ability to trip opponents in the 5 feet on either side of the blueline...when he was this "go-to guy" (not sure I recall that), he must have been told to go to the box a lot too...
Haha. Seriously though, we must value different things when looking at the number. If a defenseman can consistently be the player that a coach relies on the most, and a team that relies on this player the most can be good, he’s doing a lot of things right.

It’s one thing if you’re on a good team but not very important, or if you’re important but only to a bad team (like Streit has been) but when you check both boxes this should be recognized as a good thing!

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