Thread: News Article: Lokomotiv Tragedy details
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09-12-2012, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
Anybody that thinks this is a Russian problem is absoluteness wrong. There are major problems in the industry, particularly in the US. Cheep regional airlines are being masked as reputable airlines. There are so many things these small regional carriers do wrong it's too long to list
PBS had a pretty good Frontline documentary on it.

Edit - I guess this was mentioned by John Holmes, just didn't read all posts.
Oh yes, that report.

While I certainly agree that there is a problem with airlines interpreting the fatigue & rest regulations exactly to the letter to maximize the amount of flying a pilot can do, this isn't exactly limited to regional airlines like that report implies.

Also, when they put together "safety record" statistics for public consumption, they lump "accidents" together in a way that is entirely misleading and they don't make any attempt to explain it to people. No matter what point you're seeking to make, it's not okay to lump situations like a passenger refusing to fasten their seatbelt and then getting hurt in severe turbulence with other situations where the pilots made some kind of critical error, or maintenance was skimped on, etc.

Yet, that's exactly what that report does.

I guess the point of this is that while the airline industry has it's issues in the western world, it doesn't even approach the level of corruption and negligence that is unfortunately common in other parts of the world. The Lokomotiv accident has an entirely unsurprising cause, considering where it happened, but I cannot remember a similar event ever occurring (aside from somebody in a little airplane) in North America.

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