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Crossfit is extremely expensive and time consuming but it is great. There is hardly a point to spend so much $$$ on things you can do outside or at a local gym.

I cant sit here and tell you what you need to do, what you should do and so on because I dont know you or what you wish to accomplish this summer.

What I can tell you is that you should always work hard, there is a difference between being sore/tired and being hurt or injured. Huge difference. Just listen to your body and make no excuses. This goes along with all aspects of life not just hockey.

Sports is hardly ever about how much you can lift or push or pull but how much force you can apply while still being flexible. Sports like most things in life is about strengthening your entire body and constantly improving all aspects of your game.

Body, Mind and Spirit.
Look to constantly improve these three things. Body is your physical feature and ability. Your mind is your thinking ability, your focus, your vision or senses, your mentality your intelligence or knowledge.
Your spirit is the connection of both body and mind. Its your preperation, the meditation, the relaxation over anxiety or stress.

In hockey terms. Your body is how athletic you are, how strong you are, how fast you are and your skills. Your mind is your hockey IQ and 6 senses that can assist your gameplay. Your spirit is getting prepared for a game and strengthening your will power for any situation in the game. The 3 r a balanced triangle, if one starts to weaken, the others will shortly follow and vice versa.

Change up your routine. If you see yourself doing things easier it means your bodies are getting use to it. So if you went from 20 push ups in a row to 100 in a row. Make sure to change it up. Do some incline push ups or widen your stance or add weight or do speed push ups or longer ones.

When I go the weight room, after warming up, stretching and so on. I will start my weight routine. Every day in the weight room I try to get in as much as possible. I try to use routines that will incorporate more than 2 muslces. I try to but not always possible

Anyway, I start off with a warm up set. Light weight. Then move up to my norm. Then the next 2-3 sets I will add weight. But most importantly I will try to end with a lower weight so that my body is also training its reaction and explosiveness and not just trying to get bigger and get "stronger".

If you ever want to talk more about training, in season or off season. facebook me Mark Lisica but msg me your info or I will delete you cuz i wont know u

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