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09-12-2012, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRKING30 View Post
The players are beginning to look very foolish IMO. Fehr said the big markets need to step up and so far that hasn't happened yet. Is he really hoping that there is a split in union between the owners so the PA gets a better deal?
The ultimate issue is that the cap floor is too high for the lower half of the league. The revenue split offers are made with that cap floor in mind. If revenue sharing is greater, the floor can stay higher. Simple as that for the PA.

The league stepped up today. My only concern is how do we get the cap ceiling to $60m. I'd like to see it phased at about 53-54% in year one, the worked down to that 47% organically. PA concedes the lion share but keep the current contracts without rollbacks. That's realistic and fair, too many people here are asking the players to eat a **** sandwich a smile through it.

Two important things for the union mindset: 1) they got most of the league's current demands by taking the cap last time, and 2) they got screwed in negotiations when any and every concession was taken by the league with nothing in return. They are negotiating cautiously now.

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