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09-12-2012, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by R0bert0 Lu0ng0 View Post
Can I get some input on the best and most reliable ISPs in the Montreal area?

Looks like you guys have Telus, Rogers and Bell as well as Videotron; is that pretty much it? Any particular praise or horror stories with any of these or other ISPs?
Rogers and Telus do not supply home internet in Quebec/Montreal, (only wireless, expensive, not suitable for regular/normal use)

Your choices are Bell, Videotron, and various wholesale companies that rent segments of Bell/Videotron's network, such a as acanac, teksavvy, distributel, and electronicbox.

It all depends on what your priorities are. There was previously a big advantage that whole companies would not charge Quebec tax (10% savings), but this advantage has gone away.

I tend to be believe Videotron is really overpriced, especially without a bundle. Their basic 8mbps service is over 60$ after tax if you don't have homephone or cabletv with them! However, they are known to be more reliable and have better customer service than bell.

Bell is effective for cost savings , and can be just as reliable as Videotron depending on the quality of the lines in your area.

The real party starts when you choose a wholesale provider like teksavvy or electronicbox. For about 50$/month (tax included), you can get services that will allow you to download 200gb or more. This is essential if you plan on downloading a lot, especially movies, netflix, torrent. The problem is, because of recent CRTC poor decisions, signing up with one of these companies has significant "installation costs" which range from 120-150$ for the good packages (10mbps or more).

If you're trying to save money and get a decent connection, buy a Bell "kit" from

This will give you 3 months of internet for 30$ and free installation with Bell. You can make a decision afterward to stay with them, or choose a less expensive package etc. The packages that feature the 10mbit upload speed are excellent if you want to use VoIP at home.

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