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Originally Posted by Drizzt1 View Post
Thanks for the opinion's guys. In a weird kind of way, I was almost hoping to be convinced otherwise regarding our defense, but it has almost solidified my opinion on it.

We have made some gross mistakes drafting, trading & otherwise in defense, to be where we are now to be honest. I honestly think it will take some time to weed ourselves out of where we are at present.

+ Releasing Liles for a bag of pucks is a mistake. I'm sorry.
+ I wouldn't trade Shattenkirk for Johnson straight up.
+ Leopold for Nycholat/Wilson/2nd after what we gave up to get him was a mistake.
+ I have no doubts Stewart would have excelled if he remained with us
+ We still could have acquired O'Brien
+ The trade for Hunwick was terrible, and I thought Cohen showed plenty when give an opportunity
+ Should have kept Hannan - we gave him away for nothing considering where Flash is now
Liles trade I agree was a mistake.

Original Leopold trade was a mistake but Elliot and Wilson for a mediocre and oft-injured Leopold was good value. That was a different management though.

TPS gave us insight into the fact that Stewart was moved partially for locker room issues, aside from the value of the trade. IDK about you but much like Wolski, I think there's something to the fact that he quickly found himself in the doghouse on a new team. I know you'll tell me that this is old knews and you know the reasons but I really don't think it counts as a mistake.

Hunwick sucks yes but Cohen doesn't appear to be amounting to much over in Providence either.

Is Hannan at his current level really an upgrade over the mediocre dmen we have now? He's not what he once was.

I also understand we wouldn't have Siemens coming though, and we would have drafted at different times, but I still believe we may have had a chance for Douggie Hamilton, or Adam Larsson or something if some of the above didn't happen. Who know's? Opportunities often present.
What says that Hamilton or Larsson are going to be better than EJ? They're certainly not going to get there sooner and the timeline seems to be one of your complaints.

How that helps our young guys develop into the stars most of you are telling me they will, is beyond me.
Not sure who's trying to guarantee that all of these guys are going to be stars? We think there's a good chance that they'll perform better and more consistently as they get more experience. Are you trying to tell me that countless prospects haven't developed into great players on bad teams in the past, or helped turn professional sports franchises around time and time again? Management isn't trying anything new or unconventional here.

People may argue there are three or four worse defenses as listed above than ours. I don't think of that as a compliment to our defense. It's supporting my theory that we have a below average defensive unit, opposition offenses will look forward to playing against.
I'm not sure that anyone has said anything different man (other than the 15th in GA thing someone mentioned which isn't really an accurate measure of the talent of our D corps). You're right that this is going to take time. Probably around 3 years. That's pretty much par for the course for most rebuilds, if they're not even longer (the Kings, the Nords, the Wings, the Bruins, etc). I think most of us are on the same page about that, I just don't understand why it makes sense to be so negative about everything. We all seem to be assessing the situation the same way, its just a matter of choosing to be cautiously optimistic or choosing to be unrealistically pessimistic.

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