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Originally Posted by billvanseattle View Post
Sorry u totally miss the point. Instead of 60-40 CS as was suggested, i "suggested" that play them 50-50 with one of them getting nearly 2/3 IF (thats a big IF) he dominates, either Luo or CS.

If Luo has a save percent of say .890 and CS is at .937, do you disagree that CS is going to start 2/3 of the games. (and the reverse being true as well).
Going 50/50 indicates that neither goalie is playing well enough to "grab the ball and run with." And don't give me, "Well, we've got to get Roberto his starts" crap. Isn't winning priority No. 1? If If Schneider is playing well, you don't sit him just so Roberto can stay warm. You stay with the hot hand until it gets cold, period. If Schneider can't nail down the No. 1 job, obviously you hang onto Luongo as an insurance policy, but if Cory shows he can catch fire for long stretches, you can be certain that Luongo won't be pleased wasting away at the relatively youthful age of 33 (for a goalie) on the bench.

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