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09-12-2012, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I thought Gillis had all the time and leverage in the world?

The Doan factor is a pretty good twist to this story. The 14th could be the day the chips fall for both Doan and Vancouver.

Just like I've stated before, Gillis' best time to trade Luongo was during the off-season. His return would have been the highest then but terrible asset management and lack of foresight has put Gillis into an unfavorable situation. Not so stellar marks for Gillis' first and only true test of mettle.

Now with so many factors playing against Gillis, it appears he is finally releasing some statements that confirm what many said from the get go - there is no market for a 34 year old questionable goaltender with an 11 year contract. He's just greasing up the pipeline for what is going to go down in the next few days. The factors working against him just keep piling up on him the longer he waits. It's comical.

1) Threat of a salary cap reduction with no rollback
2) Commitment from Canucks to Doan on his "fallback contract" and the lack of space to accommodate him
3) Zero interest for Luongo and his contract
4) The sudden need to clear cap space.

Wow. How Gillis managed to turn such a sweetheart situation that any other team could have formulated an action plan over Sunday brunch into a perfect storm nightmare of looming CBA deadlines, free agent contracts, a 2 headed goaltending monster, zero cap space and a partridge in a pear tree is beyond me.

He could still get out of this scott-free if he just traded Luongo already. At least then he might be able to keep his promise to Doan if the Phoenix option doesn't work out for him. But I fully expect Gillis to hold onto Luongo until the lockout ends and the dust settles with a severely reduced cap and a buyers market the likes the NHL has never seen.

The fact that he is beginning to consider the option of a 3-way trade just confirms that he is desperate to get any value for Luongo whatsoever. That would be the only way he could get around the NTC. Even then, all this means is Gillis is going to have to add to Luongo to make up for his negative value.
Canucks have a full roster and are still 2.3M under the CAP. If the new CBA has a rollback that means player salaries will ALSO rollback. Otherwise every team would be over the CAP.

All the quote really says is that Gillis may have to accept an offer for futures. I think you're taking it out of context just a wee bit.

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