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Originally Posted by Astraphobia Catalyst View Post
If the show just ends with Sheamus in the ring that is a pretty bad way to have the final show before a PPV end. Maybe it is just me but I remember times where if it was the last show before a PPV the show usually ended with some kind of chaos. Have ADR come down and interfere costing Shemus the match. Then have Dolph tease a cash in with Shemus faking a rouge kick. or even throw Orton and Kane in to it as well and have Kofi and Truth show up. Something to make people who were on the fence as to if they were going to watch actully interested in buying the PPV.
That's what they pretty much did on Raw with ending Punk and Cena like so. Smackdown is below Raw for this reason. Not enough hype in the show. It's wrestling, but it isn't on the edge of your seat wrestling, if you know what I mean.

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