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09-12-2012, 10:31 PM
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Since alot of these arguments seem to be repeating themselves, I think I'll throw in my own 2 cents. I'd rather not have Luongo here primarily for the length of that contract and because like Laus said I feel he's a bit overrated. I don't feel that he would ultimately derail the blueprint or anything but I do feel it would slow down the progression of it.

IMHO I felt that Markstrom could've passed for a very solid backup for Theodore and in seeing him play during that short period (mind you I don't fancy myself a scout by any means) I came under the impression that this guy could be NHL ready in a year or two. Even now I believe that to be the case. Now as I look back at this particular discussion (I tend to do more lurking than typing lol) alot of you on these boards would probably agree with the time frame and when you look at the way the contracts are set up as far as our goalie situation, on capgeek for those who need a link, it's set up so that it gives Markstrom 3 years at the most to develop to where he needs to be a starting goaltender in the NHL. At least that's how I'm interpreting it but that'll put Markstrom at what? 25-26 years old? That's about the same age that Quick is now and I believe he had a similar path of development. My point is is that if Markstrom is meant to be the starting goaltender of the future and he's only a few years away from being at that level that we all expect, why would we need to prolong the process further by adding a 10 year contract? Even if Luongo plays for only 6 years out of the 10 and he's moved to a backup role you're potentially going to be paying 6.7 million for a backup.

Which brings me to my other thought on the subject. Just for kicks I went back and compared last seasons' numbers for Theodore and Luongo on the NHL's website. I know small sample size....but outside of their wins/losses stats they were all pretty comparable and if I were an owner who was passionate about improving his team I would probably be thinking that if the level of play Luongo displayed last season is what I'm to expect for the rest of his tenure on my team and those numbers are comparable to the goaltender I already have, why would I spend 5x the amount I'm already paying for a similar level of play? I know Luongo's been more consistent over the course of his career but I'd be concerned by the fact that Luongo was demoted to backup last season and my point about comparable stats with Theodore. I would be wondering if Luongo hasn't already started the downhill stretch of his career.

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