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09-12-2012, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Shutdown Sutter View Post
Based on the fact that they're unwilling to negotiate, and keep throwing the same proposals at the owners with minor tweaks.
Like I said earlier, their "unwillingness" has gotten the owners to move from 43% to 49%. If you can get the other side to compete against itself, why wouldn't you?

And this is ignoring the fact the players agreed to take less in their latest proposal. I believe it was 57 next year, 54 the following year, the 52 the three years after.

They've got players tweeting *****ing and *****ing and *****ing and *****ing and *****ing and *****ing and *****ing about **** from the same script that isn't even relevant to the negotiations.
And if the owners weren't under a non-disclosure, we'd hear the same from them. Hell, Bettmans one of the only ones who can speak from their side and he's done plenty of *****ing.

The owners have made actual concessions, and are more than justified in asking for revenue sharing closer to 50%.
1. Neither side has made concessions. The players in their proposals have essentially said "We'll take a smaller raise from here on out...but we're still get a raise". The owners have basically said "We'll give you a smaller paycut in this proposal...but you're still getting a paycut". They're both "conceding" the other side's money.

Question: I'm assuming you see the owners movement from 43% to 49% as a "concession". If the players had started out at 71% (a 14% raise instead of a 14% paycut) and had moved to 65%, is that "conceding" anything?

2. The owners are completely justified in asking for 50%. Just like the players are justified in keeping it at 57%. Like I said, there's a good case for both.

Fehr has brainwashed the players into thinking that they're in this awful work environment, when in reality player salaries have gone way up since the last CBA.
And Bettman has the owners convinced that since some markets are struggling, ALL markets need more income. The players agree that something needs to be done to help Pheonix, Dallas, etc. However, They don't want to line the pockets of Toronto, New York, etc in the process.

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