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09-12-2012, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by WhatsABruin View Post
Anyone else frustrated with this game? This "real" skating thing just sort of stinks. Yes it's day 2 and I have to still get used to it but wow it sucks.

The whole u have to slow down to shoot thing is dumb. I have literally had open nets passed it to someone who missed the shot.

Face offs are also harder than 12. I went a game 0/21 for Face offs. Passing is blah as well. Checking is once again difficult. Seems like ur opposing team does devastating checks then when u try one its a let down.

Ur team AI is still pretty dumb.

Players seem fragile. Chara got knocked down by Gerbe but when I had Lucic hit Gerbe he shrugged it off. Also Lucic got hit in another game and did a mid air somersault.



only day 2 but still
Yeah the real problem with the skating is in EASHL where because of EA's stellar servers () there is already the slightest bit of lag that makes your player feel like he's 50lbs heavier. Now with the new skating it's exponentially worse.

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