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09-13-2012, 12:39 AM
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Islanders aren't dealing from a strength here (even if they're shoring up a weakness.) Taking into account Moulson being JT's best friend on the team and Matt also being reasonably signed for two more years, I don't see the Islanders as the aggressor of this deal. (That whole robbing Peter to pay Paul problem.)

Generally speaking, the Islanders need to add roster players without heavy subtraction.

If the Islanders are interested in player swaps, the move would need to greatly improve size, strength and/or goalscoring in their top-6. I'd love to pencil in Krejci, but I think the Islanders would rather move prospects and I don't see the fit unless the Bruins wanted to shed salary. Then it would be something more like Nielsen+ something very good for Krejci, and that only happens if the Bruins have other plans for the cap. Since all we can do is speculate about what the **** is going to happen with the cap or the potential NHL season, it's not worth getting into the subject any further.

Also, FWIW, I don't see Moulson's goalscoring dropping as long as he's given top minutes on another team. Moulson is pretty much average at everything except for his above average hockey IQ and his hands and reaction time in front of the net which are literally among the top players in the game. (He also has a pretty good dry wit which can be fun in the occasional interview.) Moulson's ability to react to the play and the goalie in a short amount of time and finish a play is what makes him a goalscorer. He's got some good hand-eye, but let's not pretend like he has a wicked release, an overpowering shot of any kind, or a quick couple of steps to get open. Moulson isn't bearing down on guys with his strength or dragging players to the net. He isn't using speed to generate chances.

Moulson scores because he can score goals from in close with little time to react (including one-timers from in close.) He's not simply pounding home the puck into empty nets, though he does get some of those opportunities and buries them. He does know how to get open though. He goes to the dirty area. He's willing to take a pounding. He's proven he can stay healthy while doing the job. He's proven to be efficient at doing the job of goalscoring at a high level.

I'd suggest that JT's progression as a player has obviously helped Moulson by giving him a true #1 center to play with, but Matt Moulson scoring 30 goals in his first season with the Islanders also had a hell of a lot to do with just Matt Moulson. Put Matt Moulson next to a lesser #1 center and he's still going to be near 30 goals - you'll simply see his assist totals drop. His finish isn't going anywhere.


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