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09-13-2012, 02:16 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
Saying that the team would be different without their All-Star goalie... just talking about having interest in trading Luongo is screaming "Please! Just take him away for ANYTHING."

Why trade Luongo for a discount price when you can get Schnider at fair value?

It's crazy.

Actually, Gillis has been pretty candid about trading Lu for some time. The possibility of it. He was on Team1040 twice. Both times, he referred to dealing Lu as an inevitability. This is not news.

I can understand your point of view if this is the first time you're seeing anything like this regarding this situation. But really, nothing's changed on that front. The "news" is actually Lu's willingness to suit up for Van, in any capacity. That's what really came out of this... Some will not be able to reconcile the possibility of Lu returning to Van, even for a while, after all that's transpired. This is direct evidence against that... Straight from the horse's mouth...

As to dealing Schneider: Gillis will not do a sign and trade. Schneider is here to stay.

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