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09-13-2012, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Hawkey39 View Post
Just had a bad panic attack. Why does this keep happening.
because you're upset, distressed, and incredibly anxious? because your life is overly stressful, you feel powerless, you have worries that won't escape your mind, they're eating away at you, and you don't know what to do about it?

any of this sound familiar to you? if it does, it's b/c it's not all that uncommon at your age and stage in life. even if you feel kind of alone with your stress and feelings, you're certainly not the only one going through it.

is there anyone that you trust enough to talk about it? ... or is there anyone you feel is anonymous enough you can talk about it? a relative? a family friend? a doctor? a guidance counsellor? etc.?

if you're at the point where you're having panic attacks don't ignore it. those things don't go away on their own.

i remember in my last year in high school starting to suffer panic attacks that ended up worsening to the point i'd start to get physically ill...i convinced myself that it would stop. and it did. when i was in my first yr university i had a couple of panic attacks so bad i didn't get sick - i actually passed out can imagine how my housemate reacted

i was about 19 at the time and ended up going to the student health centre to see a doctor - she refused to prescribe me the meds that a bunch of my friends were taking and i thought would be a great idea for me to have (in hindsight i'm grateful for that) - and sent me to a cognitive behaviour course. it helped a lot - and i also kind of grew out of it all after a while (i was an incredibly high strung/type A 18-20 yr old).

you don't need to do the same. but don't just ignore how you're feeling.

is there anything any of us can do to help you? we're a helpful bunch

Originally Posted by Hawkey39 View Post
I will never go to a school theropist. And im already medicated enough
have you tried going to a school therapist and had a bad experience? is there anyone else you feel you can confide in?

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