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I have made it a point to watch the rebroadcast of these games because it's the first time since these games actually happened in 1987 that I have watched them again in their entirety.

Aside from the entertainment value I wanted to focus on the officiating as much has been made from Russian posters at how biased the officiating was and that it clearly led to their loss. , it is taken as gospel by their posters here.

what have I found out? Basically exactly what you said. I've seen bad calls against the Russians or calls where the Canadians should have been penalised and i've thought 'gee, bad officiating" but then 5 minutes later I am seeing the same thing concerning the Canadians and thinking "we got robbed there"

And then I woke up and thought to myself.."hey, this is the way the game was called then" I had almost forgot.

Conclusion.....................Russia getting robbed is a myth. It was just two great teams playing great hockey where some team had to lose and Canada sneaked out the win by one goal, what can you say? It could have went either way, Canada on that day was the team fortunate enough to have won what was obviously going to be a tight series regardless of who won.

But it wasn't officiating that decided the victor, that is now 100% certain in my mind.If anything I would give an above poster who mentioned bad Russian goaltending as being the difference in this series.Some better work in goal and Russia may have won.

Of course, the goalie is part of the team, they count toward whether you have a better team or not, obviously Russia did not.

We can all put the cheating thing to rest now, any fair minded fan knows that's hogwash after watching these games without homer bias. I am sure it won't but we can all chalk that up to sore loserness around here from this point forward because that is all it is and I think this place is less for any baby wants it's bottle stuff.

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It's too bad more people can't see this post.

Its unfortunate, but when people continue to hear the myth of clearly biased officiating in this series over and over again, soon they start to
believe it. It's a shame, because this was one of the best series ever, but whenever it gets brought up someone inevitably points to the officiating and the conversation shifts to that.

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