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09-13-2012, 09:21 AM
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Last night I took my first stick to the face.

I am VERY happy I was wearing a cage. I was getting up after trying to block a low shot and a kid on the other team (and he is a kid. He's 15 and the average age on the ice is 35) wasn't aware that there were other people around him. So of course the kid starts futzing around with his stick and slashes me across the face as I get up. He didn't even notice it until I grabbed him by the chinstrap and told him to keep his "friendly" stick on the "friendly" ice or I would roughly place it in a bodily orifice that was normally considered to be exit-only. (I used sliiiightly harsher language than that.) The kid kept a good ten feet away from me the rest of the game.

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