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Originally Posted by KeithBWhittington View Post
As much as I hate to admit it, I'll probably have to start pulling for the owners here just hoping to get this thing resolved. Last lockout was different than this one will (potentially, isn't it assured by now?) be. I was firmly in the camp of the owners last time. This time, it seems like most of the league is just begging the players to bail them out. Certainly, with any league, you're going to have a small percentage of the teams that are "underperforming" in terms of franchise operations, in this league, it seems like that number is greater than the other leagues.
  • In the NFL, teams share $4Billion TV contracts. (roughly $125 million per team)
  • In MLB, all teams put 31% of their revenue in a pot, and share that evenly. Then teams such as the Yankees contribute extra based on luxury taxes. The Yankees themselves contributed over $170 million in luxury taxes alone in the first 5 years
  • in the NBA: All teams contribute 50% of revenue into the pot. Once the rosters are set, a league average salary is then paid back to every team from this pot.
  • In the NHL, the most your team can receive is $10M, and you have to be in the bottom 15 of revenue, and not be in a large market, and meet a minimum of number of seats sold.
4 major league sports.
3 know that they need each other to survive.
1 thinks it can just take their profits out of the players every few years.

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