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Originally Posted by VMBM View Post
Some notions (I haven't watched the games now, though):

- Is it just me or does Krutov make Bourque look really poor in game 2, beating him constantly 1-on-1?
- Where's Larionov?
- Fetisov makes mistakes in the final game, but all in all, he is one of the best players IMO
- Bykov (1+3 in the finals, I think?) and Khomutov (3+2) never get enough credit; as far as I'm concerned, they were at least as good as their linemate Kamensky
- Makarov is playing really well here, but overall, I think his decline had started a bit; for example, a few months later in the 1988 Winter Olympics, Tikhonov had to bench him occasionally
Personally, I thought Bourque was poor in all three games. Best D man by far and away was Coffey with Murphy coming in second. Crossman and Rochefort were either solid or brutal, no middle ground.

That being said, that Soviet team was absolutely stacked withe talent upfront. Too bad Tikhonov rolled four lines all the time, it would've been nice to see the big three out there more often.

Larionov was the one of three that was the least effective but I think Messier had a lot to do with that.

That Bykov line was outstanding all series long and clutch.

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