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09-13-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
Eh, I wouldn't call Patey's 3rd place an outlier. He also has a 6th place, plus a couple more seasons with a smattering of votes. Patterson has a another near top 10 I believe, but Patey's Selke voting is certainly superior. And when taken with his short-handed prowess, plus pretty decently superior offensive prowess overall (however with both on fourth lines, I'd say the overall offensive advantage is pretty marginal in this specific series) I'd say that Patey is by a fair, but conclusive amount the superior player.
anything past top-15 is pretty much crap.

both have a 3rd place finish behind excellent players, Patey with a few more voting points.

The difference between Patey's 6th and Patterson's 12th is this: (1-1-3) to (1-2-2). Both 5 votes in total. And if the voting points system wasn't a ridiculous 5-3-1, Patterson would have scored higher.

Despite the rankings, those seasons are really of equal value.

and I assure you, whatever offensive edge it looks like Patey has, it was all from getting PP time for bad teams. At ES, they are identical offensively.

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