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09-13-2012, 12:03 PM
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RIDICULOUSLY cheap as compared to what?

I think it all depends on your frame of reference.

I've been an Arsenal supporter for years. For years I've been seeing Arsenal fans complain at length about how escalating ticket prices have priced out the common fan and that Arsenal has the highest ticket prices in Europe. I am traveling to London this weekend to go to a game, and I was surprised to find that my ticket was not nearly as expensive as I had anticipated.

Looking at SEASON TICKETS for all English Premier League clubs, the cheapest is 300 GBP ($483) and the most expensive is 1,955 pounds ($3,149). Hell, the most expensive season ticket at Manchester United, allegedly the most valuable sports team in the world ( is 950 GBP ($1,530).

I realize that there are different number of games played, different stadium sizes, etc, but nonetheless, compare that to the NHL where a lot of places season tickets can run over $15,000. Even the Canes range from $731 to $6,235. Sure, it's supply and demand, and the teams clearly can successfully charge exorbitantly high prices. But, that doesn't mean fans shouldn't complain about it being expensive.


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