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Originally Posted by KallioWeHardlyKnewYe View Post
Two that keep getting me tripped up are creative and attractive. Obviously I know what these mean outside of a soccer context, but I’m not sure I understand exactly what it is inside soccer. I’m assuming creative is exactly what I think -- i.e. the same way you’d say a hockey player is creative. Right?
I’m not sure I know what “attractive” football is though.

I think this is a related question, but I’m assuming (like hockey) that football has teams that are more aggressive and offensive and some that play a more conservative and defensive type of game.

What are some examples of teams in the EPL that play one way or the other? I’m still at a point where it all kinda looks the same to me (other than at the end of a match when one team is clearly pressing to get a goal and the other is hanging back and playing safe).

Have really enjoyed my early-stage fandom.
I would say attractive football is when team's play the ball on the ground and player's go forward most of the game and try and keep on scoring instead team's lumping the ball up the park hoping it reaches a team-mate and playing defensively minded not throwing too many players up the park

Stoke City is a great example of a team playing one way and that is physical and lot's of long balls into the box but sometimes they do play some good stuff but mainly stick to what is effective for them

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