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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
Patey has a third in scoring for a team that won a division, and of course he finished first in scoring on the Seals once but that basically aligns with what you're saying. I would say that is a certainly better scoring record than anything Patterson ever did, PP scoring or not. And as I said, the offense here is marginal differences.
But to get 3rd in team scoring you have to be getting PP time, and these players aren't getting PP time here, so that is pretty much irrelevant.

Having said that, the rest of your post is duly noted. Pretty much by any metric you use, Patey was 6th in voting and Patterson was 12th. I did the math for a 10-7-5 voting sample, and a 3-2-1 voting sample just for the kicks of it. Both come out to be the same results that season, Patey 6th and Patterson 12th.

However, there were a different number of voters each year. 54 votes for Patterson's year, and 62 in Patey's year. Therefore you could make the argument that Patterson got a higher percentage of votes that season (out of a possible 270 points, he got 13) than Patey (out of a possible 310, he got 11), but at the same time the same argument could be made that defensive dominance wasn't constant that season. Voting was MUCH more spread out during Patterson's 12th place finish as opposed to Patey's 6th. That was the year Poulin won with 102 votes out of a possible 270. Patey's season was Kaspar and Gainey BOTH taking a higher percentage of votes than Poulin did to win (Kaspar was at 178/310, Gainey was at 157/310). So Patey would be expected to have a lower vote total due to the dominance at the top of those two players.

So I guess the question is: where do we go from here? Personally, I'm going with Patey's season to be superior becasue he was rated as the 6th best defensive player in the league that season and Patterson was rated 12th (such reduced logic here, but hold on), and just by the eye test, I see a pretty equal amount of defensive talent (depth wise) in both years. Be it the same amount of votes or not, the dominance at the top of the mountain by Kaspar and Gainey left less room to work with to receive votes than Patterson had with Poulin's Selke season, which from a voting dominance level looks to be the weakest Selke season of the 1980s. If you would make a different conclusion, I would pretty much totally understand that.
I think it's splitting hairs. They both got 6 votes.

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