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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
Grachev played in the WJ in 09. And wasn't released in 2010. Voynov I mentioned, played as well in 09, but not in 2010. And as far as Avtsin is concerned, was he even a candidate for a national team? He had no experience with the national team on the U18 level and was hardly producing with Dynamo. As a 19 year old with Montreal's AHL team, he wasn't producing, was injured a lot and wasn't playing well. I doubt very seriously he was considered for the NT that Christmas.

Again, AHL teams and their GMs do not make the decision on whether to release or not release. The NHL GM does..the player is under contract to the NHL team. Don't start with that argument, "most are Canadians GMs and want to give Canada an advantage." It's an argument you'll lose all the time.... when Russian juniors on average 6-10 players per year are not released to their NT, then come and complain...but your 2 players max per year not being released, gets no sympathy from me..

In 2010 NHL GMs (mostly Canadian as you most eloquently pointed out) did not release 19 year Stamkos, Doughty, Tyler Myers and 18 year old players such as Tavaras, Matt Duchane, Evander Kane, Ryan O'Reilly, plus one or two others. There that's 7 players, And not just fringe players like your Grachev or Avtsin that really are not impact players what so ever... If anything Canadian GMs of NHL teams by not releasing Canadian teenagers to the Canadian NT make the WJHC more competitive and put Canada at a disadvantage compared to other countries.

And Anisimov was released by the New York Rangers/Hartford to play in the WJHC in 08 when he was 19 years old. Anisimov in his draft year (18 year old played in Yaroslavl. Drafted by New York, was assigned to Hartford as a 19 year old and released by the New York Rangers to his NT.
My statement is not anti-Canadian in nature - Russian GM's from the KHL or VHL would most likely be more easily persuaded to release a Russian player for an international tournament than a player from another country. Why would an NHL GM care about releasing an AHL player that is not playing in the NHL? That doesn't make sense. As for Avtsin, he was considered to be right there along side Tarasenko as among the best of the '91 born. Allesandro Dello Sorro thought he was the best, and made comparisons to Ovechkin. He would certainly have been taken for the WJC if the AHL made him available.

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