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09-13-2012, 11:37 AM
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The reason I dumped a whole crapload of info there is because...well it's the distillation of all the material I took in for several years trying to learn to shoot. Easier to find it all in one location than to dig around and read between lines and come up with your own theories.

You're still going to need to take shots, tens of thousands of them, because a lot of it is muscle memory and timing and building strength. But I do adhere to the thought that practice doesn't make perfect but permanent, and practicing the wrong way can make you worse. There are a lot of folks on my hockey team who have played for 5-10 years, maybe longer, and still have a fairly weak shot.

I suppose some people who are natural athletes will think it's self-explanatory and/or too complicated...but people like me who need to understand what they need to do and why, it makes things simpler.

I'd say each of those things (rotation, push/pull, wrist roll) were "AHA!" moments for me. I recall using the wrist roll for the first time on the ice and thinking "wow, I can hit the lip of the boards 8/10 times from 20 feet away!" Same with the push/pull, that was when my shots not only got a LOT harder, but my release was a lot quicker. Before that, I was trying to sweep the puck from back to front and it took at least twice as long to take a hard shot.

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