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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
Same with ticket prices. I'm fairly certain that my $37 seat in 2005-06 now costs me $60.
While certain sections have changed, have they gone on that much "on average" though?

According to what I could dig up on the web, based on the team marketing report (which can be misleading), the Hurricanes avg. ticket price in 05-06 was 38.81. It jumped up to $44.91 the next year following the cup win. But then it dropped back down to the $38-39 range up until last year where it jumped to $41.58.

Now this can be misleading based on more low end tickets bringing the average down, but I do know there was a 3 year price freeze in place for STH in 09 (I think) if you ordered at a certain time as well so I'll have to go back and see if I can dig up what I paid in 05/06 vs. now and compare. I realize it won't be apples to apples since now there are the vouchers included as well as the 10% F+B credit.

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