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09-13-2012, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
I was curious, but look at that. This is the Team Scoring position for the Sens in the last decade

2000-01 : 3rd
2001-02 : 5th
2002-03 : 3rd
2003-04 : 1st
2005-06 : 1st
2006-07 : 2nd
2007-08 : 1st
2008-09 : 23rd
2009-10 : 15th
2010-11 : 29th
2011-12 : 4th

When somebody ask me to name a high scoring team in the NHL, I will answer the Sens. Go ask the main board for fun to name 10 high scoring NHL teams "without looking". Sens won't be in their answers very often...

Like the Pens, Wings and Flyers (just after that there's the Sharks, Caps and Canucks), Sens are always among the highest scoring teams (except a few down years but every team has some)
Fun fact;

Ottawa is actually the second highest scoring team for the period you selected with 2764 goals, behind only Detroit at 2841, and 577 goals ahead of last place Columbus at 2187.

They had the 5th most dangerous powerplay (total goals, Detroit took 1st place again), and and PK that scored the 2nd most during the same period (Philly had the lead).

We sure have been spoiled.

(Boy I'm bored... I don't know what I'll do in the event of lockout... probably revert to debating the merits of +/- ad nauseum)

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