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Originally Posted by ScottsdaleYote View Post
After listening to about 45 minutes of the council meeting yesterday, I've never been more pessimistic about keeping the team. These people are way in over their head. Skeete is not qualified to negotiate a deal like this. The council is effectively trying to get Jamison to close their budget gap for them because they are not competent to balance a budget. This deal is a $1m-$2m deficit reduction item for them. They agreed to it with a vote. Now they want to reneg on the deal. It's low class and unprofessional. I can't imagine how frustrated a business man like Jamison is while dealing with these idiots.

If we lose this team, do not point fingers at the NHL, Bettman, Jamison, or anyone else but the Glendale City Council. If you live in Glendale, please do a better job electing people to your council...the current lot is a joke.
No can do!!! Also, I'm not going to back down from telling the truth on this to please anyone who is only interested in what they want to hear. The NHL and Gary Bettman are just as much responsible for why the franchise is where it is now.

Before the bankruptcy was filed, Gary Bettman and company had plenty of time to complete the sale of the Coyotes to Jerry Reindorf who also was going to get $15 million a season in concessions from the city. Instead both Gary Bettman and the NHL failed to watch Jerry Moyes like a hawk while they chose to let Moyes stay around despite him giving the keys to the league in exchange for $35 Million dollars. At that point in time Moyes was no longer responsible for the team or held to the lease the same way Ellman got out of his responsibility all around when Moyes brought him out. Bill Daly even said during the challenge of the petition that Moyes sold the team to the league for that much. When it came down to the bankruptcy. Bill Daly even said that according to the proxy agreement that was signed that Moyes not allowed to put the team into banruptcy and the filing should be thrown out. Instead, Judge Balm said the that no such thing existed in the proxy and ordered both sides to mediation.

As a result of the incompetence by those in upper-management by the NHL, the damage to the franchise is now out of control to where any new potentional owner is going to ask for way more from the city than the $15 million a year in concessions. Yet the NHL feels in an unethical manner that everyone else except for the NHL should have to take a hit in the wallet in order to make this work in Arizona.

We can also blame the judge in this case for making a stupid ruiling that benefited the private entity in this case and put the taxpayers at risk. If the judge had a clue, he would have based his ruiling in the case on both the Islanders and the Pens where both their leases were held up in a court of law. This should have been the ruling in the 1st place and had such a ruiling been in place then this cluster**** would not be here right now.

Overall, there is plenty of blame to go around. At best, despite how insane Glendale has been in this process, I feel sorry for the city here seeing how they were willing to step up and give this team an arena when no other city would let alone the team not being able to get a better deal while playing at the AWA.

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