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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
There was an awesome story in a THN mag several years ago where Mike Keenan gave a great account of the whole series.

One thing he mentioned was how he didnt know Coffey well and, for most of the tournament, didnt play him much. Prefering to rely on safer lesser-lights like Crossman.

At any rate, Keenan noted that Coffey accepted his role without complaint until the first game of the finals. When it became clear that these games were going to be played at an insane pace, Coffey waved Keenan over on the bench and simply said, 'you have to play me a lot now'. Keenan obliged and Coffey, as we know, was lights out.

Just a great story of a champion knowing when to turn it into high gear, and a coach recognizing when he had to turn his horses loose.
great story.

Coffey was outstanding in this tournament, offensively especially but his ability to cover ground defensively was something special. I've yet to see a skater like Coffey, incredible speed, quiet, smooth, agile and could beat anyone when he turned it on.

I heard Orr was the same, in his prime, but maybe not as silky smooth and effortless as Coffey, I guess less elegant, but still effective.

Coffey really elevated his game internationally and in the playoffs. He had another gear, as many champions do.

I sometimes forget how good he was, since it became cool to knock him for his lack of commitment to defense, like Rod Langway. Fact is, nobody on defense could score like Coffey, except Orr.

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