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09-13-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by MJG View Post
No deal. They team didn't play well and got away from the run. It didn't work. They'll be more committed going forward as it makes Cam a better player. No need to panic just yet although I wouldn't expect more than a low level rb2 or a flex play.

Bowe and Vick IMO

Just got offered a trade. Which team wins

Team A gets: McFadden and Jennings
Team B gets: McCoy and Coltson

Forget team strengths and weaknesses. Which two players would you prefer?

Realize this is the sit/start thread. Sorry.
Pretty even but I prefer B, just because of McFadden's injury proness (And Jennings is currently injured).

I'd rank it McCoy > McFadden > Jennings > Colston. Although the > aint by a lot.

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