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09-13-2012, 01:29 PM
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The players will need to miss more than a year to show resolve. Lets see how much resolve they have when the paycheck doesn't arrive on October 15 and they don't get a check every two weeks. Bill Guerin said the owners would have waited us out. Many of the players in the NHL weren't around in 2004-05. They are going to get crushed by Bettman. I hate when the players start discussing being disrespected and bullied by the owners. Last time they missed an entire season and ended up taking the cap they wanted no part of in addition to losing 24% in a rollback. If they had taken the cap in the summer of 2004,there would have been no 24% rollback which the players offered in the fall of 2004 to not accept a cap. Management wins the sports labor wars and most labor wars.

"I remember during the last lockout, we were pounding our fist on the table saying that we won't accept a [salary] cap under any circumstances," said one former Flyer before walking into the meetings on Wednesday. "By February, we took the cap. If we were going to cave, why didn't we just do it from the start so we could actually get paid?

"A lot of players have a lot of different views. For me, I have 1, maybe 2 years left. By voting to play hardball, I could effectively be ending my career. Then again, should we just lie down and take it from the owners? It will be interesting to see how everyone else feels."
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Says it all.

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