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09-13-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by KovyLove View Post
Does anyone else feel anger over this potential lockout or is it just me?

You know, I stopped watching Major League Baseball in 1990. I lost interested in the NFL somewhere around the same time, maybe after Dallas won their second Super Bowl of the 90’s?.

The business of the those two leagues turned me off so much I had a hard time watching them. As a viewer I turned to college football as an alternative but my love was the pureness of hockey.

When I started watching hockey all the guys that played seemed like humble small town boys just thrilled to be doing something they loved. It was such a stark contrast to the other professional sports leagues that over time it made dislike them a little more and like hockey almost exclusively.

And now here we sit in the year 2012 and I am starting to feel that animosity toward the NHL. I hope there is no lockout. I don’t think they understand the long term harm they’re doing to the growth of the league by having back to back work stoppages.

Probably for most here it won’t make any difference at all but there is no question that consecutive work stoppages will cost the league fans. And maybe even some longtime fans as well?
You've convinced me to buy what you are selling. Well I was already buying this but you can have the commission.

Really, the numbers getting diced down makes things look really pathetic. Both sides scratching and clawing at every % they can get while turning to the media right after pointing the finger at the other guy. Neither side should realistically speak to the media because they sound out of touch with the fans.

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