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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Why is it always the fault of the NHLPA in your eyes?
Ever since the NFL and NBA lockouts, it's been well established that the NHL will ultimately get a deal in the same neighborhood as the other leagues. With the NHL at 57/43 and the other two leagues under 50/50 (not to mention how much more complete HRR is than what the NFL and NBA split) there's no question that that's going to change. Put simply, the players never had a chance to be anywhere near their current split.

Now, knowing that they'll ultimately end up at 51/49 or 50/50 or 49/51, it's more a question of timing than of end point. That battle was over before anyone tried to fight it. The league has essentially offered 50/50 (by offering 49/51-47/53 and announcing it's "negotiable"). The best deal the players could have hoped for is on the table, they just need to take it.

Furthermore, the NHLPA has not at any point negotiated in good faith at the bargaining table. They've cried about how their poor millionaires might end up taking a small paycut that leaves them with only a 75% raise over the past 6 years. They've tried to manipulate the media into filling their pockets with more fan money. They've lied, threatened, and cajoled as much as they could to demonize the league. The only thing they haven't done yet is actually put a reasonable proposal on the table. Several of their proposals have actually resulted in pay raises to the players. The league won't (and absolutely shouldn't) agree to any deal less than 6 years, so the players have offered 3 year options. Nothing they've actually presented has ever actually been a legitimate offer. Nothing they've done has made even the least bit of effort or compromise to get a season going. They've made repeated efforts to try ensure a lockout, but never have taken a single step to try avert one.

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