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09-13-2012, 02:24 PM
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I honestly don't see what is wrong with Colaiacovo at that price. I'd feel much better starting the season with Cole as the 7th defenseman over Wyowitka.

Injuries will happen. The Blues top six last season missed a combined 53 games. More than that the year before. Even as the seventh defenseman, Cole should still see plenty of games. Then next season we can make a choice between Cole and Russell if we have to.

The Blues had the best defense in the league last season. When healthy, Colaiacovo was a big part of that. Pietrangelo was fifth in scoring for defensemen, and finished fourth in the Norris trophy voting. How detrimental could Colaiacovo really have been?

Does he have his issues? Yes. The biggest is health. While his defense is still questionable, it is significantly improved since he arrived in St. Louis. He is able to transition the puck well, and offers a decent option on the power play. Is he a fantastic player? Nope. Is he a bit out of place on the top pairing? Yep. But is he currently better than Jeff Wyowitka? Yes. I think Colaiacovo at $2.5 M per for two years is a good deal.

(Plus, with Colaiacovo's bad luck, he can attract the wrath of the Blues' curse away from the rest of the team keeping them healthy! )

All of that said, I understand why the Blues are moving on. I just wish the financial realities were different such that the Blue could afford to sign a guy to a $2.5 M contract for depth. But they can't.

If Detroit uses him on their second pairing, which is likely, he will do fine. Detroit has a good pipeline of defensive prospects to fill in for the ~20 games that Colaiacovo will likely miss.

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