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09-13-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
The players got run over so bad last time that they are willing to play under that deal this season and for many more if the owners would let them.

The issue right now seems to be real money. The owners want a real rollback in salaries done through escrow. The players don't want to give any real dollars back and aren't interested in helping with the revenue sharing that is necessary in order to maintain teams in smaller markets. BTW, each team provides their membership with at least 23 jobs not to mention all the minor league jobs players have due to the existence of small market clubs.

The big market owners are going to have to give more money for revenue sharing and the players are going to have to absorb some (some not all) of that sting for the owners to agree to the deal.

And Fehr? He can go f himself.
I feel like getting on a plane to New York, finding Donald Fehr - and punching him in the face. He's almost as annoying a person to watch as Gary Bettman. Making a big public show of unity ... seriously ... does it matter ... you think having Zdeno Chara standing behind you with a menacing look on his face will intimidate Gary Bettman ?

I think the NHLPA and Donald Fehr are overplaying their hand right now. I fear that he doesn't care if a season is lost. A drawn out conflict will cost the players salary for a year ... and they will have to take a lesser deal a year from now when the overall HRR will surely suffer. So what's the upside for them ?

- One could hope a compromise could be reached somewhere along the lines of a fixed player share around that mark (or a little lower, for the sake of compromise) for a couple of years. Let the owners take in all the "industry growth" up until a specific level (say, 5-6% per year). Anything above that the players get a share.

I dont side with the owners particularly, but I think they hold the best hand and the union can't bluff their way to win this pot - the owners will not fold. Unless of course a "win" for the NHLPA is to lose as little money as possible. But I dont think that will suffice for them.

I don't sympathize too much with the players either. They have done tremendously well within this last CBA. The game has grown immensely. They are 800-900 people splitting a pot of 1.85 million dollars. Oh, boohoo, poor little rich men if they have to make due with a meagre 1.7 billion.

I feel bad for the "working people" who will lose jobs and income because the NHL skips another season. And I feel bad for the fans who gets shafted once again.

In a poll from a month ago I voted for the option "They're all idiots, players and owners alike". I stand by that until I see something that resembles a genuine mutual interest in finding a solution.

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