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09-13-2012, 03:28 PM
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Jakomyte, that works from a standpoint of compromise. It's well thought-out, and logically sound.

But it doesn't work from the standpoint of: This system of "percentage of league HRR to the players is a never-ending cycle of creating more poor teams."

The idea of cap/floor is that the teams spending to the cap and the teams only spending to the floor balance each other out and the end result is the 57% cut to the players.

The creativity needed is in a system which puts (47-57%) of HRR into the players hands, when the 30 teams are incapable of each forking over a fair share. Each team's share of the money that they owe the players is $64 million.
But for 20 teams, that's well over 57% of HRR. and to a couple, that's 35%.

We need a situation where the same number of teams are:
at the cap vs at the floor
close to the midpoint but over vs close to the midpoint but under
at the midpoint

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