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09-13-2012, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by CallADocPlease View Post
I'm firmly on the players side this time. The owners started with a very difficult to swallow initial offer so that offers like this would look better. My honest opinion is the the fairest way to go about this would be signing an 8 year contract, that started at 56% HRR for the players and dropped 0.5% of HRR per year to end at 52%. With this would come increased revenue sharing and contracts being capped at 8 years. I could also see the players also giving up and accepting a 4th year to entry level contracts in exchange for keeping a higher salary.
I'd prefer that they work something similar to this but a more short-term, quickfix... but then right away start negotiating a new CBA with the intention of forming an HRR plan that works better for the NHL and players

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