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09-13-2012, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
We can also blame the judge in this case for making a stupid ruiling that benefited the private entity in this case and put the taxpayers at risk. If the judge had a clue, he would have based his ruiling in the case on both the Islanders and the Pens where both their leases were held up in a court of law. This should have been the ruling in the 1st place and had such a ruiling been in place then this cluster**** would not be here right now.

I remember back in the day Glendale's public position was their attorney's had an agreement with the Coyotes that was bulletproof and immune from BK - they even pointed to the Pens & Islanders examples and said theiur agreement was more ironclad than those.

of course since then I've learned that when the Glendale attorneys assure the Council that something is bulletproof it might not be a bad time to run for the hills and GTFO of dodge because that paper the CA is insisting is bulletproof might be no more bulletproof than a one ply piece of toilet paper.

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