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09-13-2012, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by JPurp26 View Post
Careful, from what I read, players jump up fast in this game. One article blog I read stated that Morgan Reilly went from 60s to 70's to 90's in 3 seasons. The game apparently factors in injuries and player development (assistant coach and roles on the team) impact development.

I still want to know if anyone knows, havent found it yet, What the stars for potential equate to?

Five stars - generational talent?
4.5 - 1st line top 2 d?
4 stars - top 6 top 4 d?
3.5 stars - 2-3rd line guy 4-5 d?
3 stars - Bottom 6 5 or 5 d?
2.5 star - AHL call up / Fringe NHLER?
2 stars - AHL?
1.5 stars - ahl back up
1 star - bust AHL back up
.5 star - bust, ahl back up / retirement from hockey?

Curious to your opinons
As far as I can tell, the stars are basically:
5- generational
4.5- above average 1st liner/top pairing D/elite goalie
4- above average 2nd liner to average 1st liner/top 4 D/starting goalie
3.5- 2nd liner or great 3rd liner/top 6 D/not as good a starting goalie?
3- bottom 6 F/bottom pairing D/back-up
2.5- 4th liner to good AHLer/depth D/crappy back-up or minor starter
2- decent to good AHL players
1.5- nothing below this is even worth having on your AHL roster other than as a depth option

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