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Originally Posted by Silverback91 View Post
To be fair I thought the Carter trade was terrible for Columbus especially after Couturier fell. Voracek was a great player in Columbus and I knew in Philly he'd only get better.
This I object to, simply because Voracek hasn't "gotten better". He's still scoring somewhere around 15 goals, somewhere over 30 assists, and somewhere close to 45-50 points. That's what he did here, and that's what he's done in Philly - and he did that in Philly spending time with and getting tips from his childhood hometown idol.

To be fair, what he is is very very good. I'd still happily take him back if we could. But he's not more than that. Not yet, anyways.

Originally Posted by Kingsfan1 View Post
He also got Nick Foligno for Marc Methot which I think is a great trade for them as well.
I think of that one as good for both sides, but it depends on how the players are used.

Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Howson's biggest mistake was not addressing the team's goaltending... This remains his biggest mistake.

If he traded the 8th overall for Schneider last year, CBJ fights to make the playoffs and likely still has Nash.
I agree with the first line, with one caveat - he attempted to address the goaltending situation here, and got the double-whammy of 1) not addressing it sufficiently to begin with (bringing in Dekanich to be the full-time backup and having Sanford as a last-ditch guy), and 2) having the insufficient solution backfire badly (Dekanich, thanks to injuries, played all of 10-15 minutes in a CBJ uniform... in the first preseason game.)

The second line, I think, is nonsensical and inaccurate. Goaltending alone did not destroy us last year. Carter was a poor fit and screwed up the locker room, Arniel was worse than hopeless at fixing it (he actually made the situation worse), and we suffered more and bigger blueline injuries than any other team in the NHL. Goaltending issues just added to the Perfect ****storm.

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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