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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Sorry have seen him a lot with the Milwaukee Admirals. If he is on one of his months of solid play that is great. But if he is the best forward on the team I need to re-evaluate just how high I am on Jarnkrok and what I have seen when I have turned in his games online. I want him to be on a good team, so glad to hear Thuresson is off to a good start, but he has average hockey sense and a below average shot and release. I understand he is big and pretty responsible defensively, but I never found him exceptional in any part of the game. Maybe he will transition back to European hockey in a big way but he was at best a marginal talent on this side of the pond.
I've watched this team since i could walk, i think i've missed about 20 games since then, and this might be one of the best Brynäs teams i've seen iced in the last 15 years. Thuresson is the right player for this team, he fits in to his role next to Järnkrok perfectly. Just because he didn't get to play an offensive role in the AHL for most of the time doesn't mean he is a bad offensive player. He made a jaw dropping penalty shot to win us the game just two hours ago. You also have Harju on Järnkroks left wing. To say Calle is the best by a fair margin just shows you know little to nothing about the team he plays on.

Calle is by far the most talented guy on the team though, he's much more talented that Silfverberg is, but there are still so,so many things he needs to work on. Last year his totals were inflated because he played with Silfverberg. This year he gets a great supporting cast again. He's not very good defensively, or at least not while trying to knock other players of the puck. He's going to have to rely on his quick stick, wich needs to get even quicker, to steal the puck away from his opponents. Though i'll give him that when he gets the puck in the defensive zone he usually gets it up ice very very fast.

He still gets knocked off the puck to easily on the attack, he holds on to the puck way to long in the offensive zone, he tries to dangle to much, he always tries a faked middle-of-the-step-shot that almost never works. He's sometimes frustrating to watch on the attack, borderline annoying and i wish we'd put some one else in his spot, because you know with his skill set he could be so much more effective . He still dives when he gets frustrated.

Thats about it.

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