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12-05-2003, 09:04 AM
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In the late 80's I was in h.s. and a couple guys were arguing hockey....which team was better type stuff...they looked over at me and asked what team did I like....not knowing much about hockey but living in NJ I said "Devils". They said something along the lines of "You aren't a Devils 3 players on the Devils." That's why I don't like the I think in order to watch Debs games back then you had to pay for Sportschannel....

In the early 90's, I would come home at night from hanging out and partying etc. and hit the kitchen for a late night snack, trying not to wake the parents and I would switch the TV on and see the Rangers Rewind on....that's when I got hooked.

After a couple years, we went on to win the Cup. I remember back to the 94 season and remember going to my buddy's house every night the Rags played with a 6-pack to watch it. Winning the Cup seemed so huge at the time but looking back 10 years to it now, I dont think I even realized how huge it would still be 10 years later.

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