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Originally Posted by Plan The Parade View Post
The Salary Cap is directly tied to League revenues. Either the lower or upper limit is based on ~57% of hockey related revenue.

As revenue's have increased, so has the upper limit of the cap.

The problem is that the majority of that increase has been in ~10 teams. The other 20 are treading water or losing money. Ostensibly (<= correct usage of word?), they need to help the teams that are losing money and have no hope to consistently spend even to the lower limit.

The owners want to redo the percentage of HRR that is granted to the players to make this work. That basically means that they want to lower the cap. They also want rollbacks so that player salaries will be in percentage with the new cap.

The players obviously don't want this, and instead have offered a proposal that increases revenue sharing to help the bleeding while maintaining the status quo.

I hope that helps.
That helped tremendously. Thank you.

If that is the situation I don't see how anyone in their right mind would take the players' side. Although I've heard talks of salary reductions which in my mind sound like a breach of contract. That is disturbing

The fact that the owners (through their GMs) knew they were signing players to these outrageous contracts without ever intending to pay them in full come next CBA negotiations is also disturbing. However, the fact remains that the players were signed to outrageous contracts and the league as a whole will suffer if that trend continues as smaller market teams will not be able to compete.

Who loses? The fans, the owners, and the players. Perhaps the owners were right to push for so much in 04. We are seeing the repercussions all these years later.

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