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09-13-2012, 07:31 PM
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Congrats on the promotions, tgarrett and RW8!

Did anyone check out Ducky? He must have promoted this time, right? Holy crap. 1-1 with the Razorback Thugs. Dude. Come on.

Originally Posted by ez42x10 View Post
Yup, I'm stubborn like that. And I just might have a young goalie that can help me get it done this time.
You are a male chicken. How in the hell can you completely rebuild with homegrown youth after having a completely homegrown team for so long? That seriously wouldn't be possible for me if I had any desire to be competitive.

Originally Posted by smetana View Post
I suppose we'd have to wait and see

I'm loving my core players, not sure about the goalie. He's getting long in the tooth, and I may need to shell out some bucks for a replacement.
Have I mentioned that I'm scared of your team? I have a pretty small window and you breathing down my neck is quite annoying.

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