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09-13-2012, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
If the Winnipeg centers' idea of "using their size" is to play gritty and take a bunch of penalties, they are welcome to it. Size down the middle is much more than a toughness advantage. Guys like Burns and Yelle were tough to play against where it counted -- shutting down the opponent's best players -- rather than in the penalty box.

Besides, the Twins have plenty of grit on the wings and defense. This is a Cherry team, they aren't getting pushed around.
Since when does two wingers that are tough mean you have plenty of grit on the wings? Dornhoefer and Brown bring toughness, but Scanlan, Juneau, Henning, Boll, Bernier, and Kehoe bring none. I'm not concerned about my centers taking ridiculous amounts of penalties because they won't. Kennedy will take some penalties, but Reay didn't take many penalties despite playing a sparkplug style. So when your guys are undisciplined and take loads of penalties(see Butcher and Maxwell) it's playing with grit. When my guys have high penalty minute totals, it's because they're hotheads and a cancer to the team like Kennedy and Tucker.

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