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09-13-2012, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by RemoAZ View Post
Me too. He just needs a relatively decent excuse to sign. If there is one thing this whole mess has proved it's that Shane Doan loves Arizona and the Coyotes.
You know, you guys might be right. Maybe Jamison calls him and says, "Shane, I'm not happy with what these goofballs are doing with the lease, and I have no choice but to counter offer. That said, if push comes to shove, i would accept their current offer, as is. So one way or another, im going to close this, but i simply must negotiate further." Or something to that effect. Maybe thats hood enough for Doan to re-up on a multi-year. He still has the ace in the hole of publicly demanding a trade in the event of relocation. Say GWI ****s it up and the Coyotes are playing in QC on the other side of a long lock out. Bross can just go all Lindros and state that they won't play in QC. Maloney probably won't be fired IMMEDIATELY and he probably wont quit IMMEDIATELY. maybe his last move could be Doan from Quebec to LA for a 7th.

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