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09-13-2012, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Looch View Post
You guys are lucky. The bruins are offering two different options. And in both cases they are making us continue to pay our monthly ST bill...even as games are cancelled.

The first option we get 3% apr back as games are cancelled each month. That is given in the form of a "credit" on our accounts. In this option we have to agree not to receive any monthly refunds and must keep all the money we have been paying on our account until next season. So they make a ridiculous killing on interest on our money and give us pennies at 3% APR. The only decent thing with this option is that they guarantee no price increase for the '13-'14 season.

The second option we only receive 1% APR. With this option we get to receive a refund each month as games are cancelled. However, as with option 1, they will continue to make us pay our monthly invoice- EVEN IF THE SEASON IS COMPLETELY LOST. With option two you are risking dealing with a price increase in '13-14.

Jeremy Jacobs is a complete GREEDY ******* CROOK.
If it makes you feel better Dolan's a complete ******* too. Take a look at our ticket prices this year if you want to laugh. My father's seats were $22 or something along those lines the year after the lockout. This year they're $53. So much for Gary Bettman's cost certainty will lead to cheaper ticket prices idea that he came out with after the last lockout.

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