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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
Upon further review, Robert Picard is a much better candidate for the 2nd PP unit. Picard will take Cooper's spot there.
Seems a bit late to make lineup changes now that voting is open, but ok.

I wouldn't call Dustin Brown a good 2nd unit PKer in the MLD. Here are his SH TOI/G ranks among forwards on his team: 14, 2, 4, 5, 7, 5, 5. That's actually pretty terrible now that I look at it. And LA's PK was below the league average in 4 of those years. They weren't good until the last 3 years, when Brown's usage was minimal at best.
Positions matter. PK'ing centers are logically going to get more ice time than PK'ing wingers in an era of defensive-zone PK starts -- you MUST have someone out there who can reliably win the faceoff. Nearly every single player who has finished ahead of Brown in SH TOI was a center (I didn't count, but it's something along the lines of 18 out of 20, without eliminating duplicates). As a winger, he has been LA's most utilized PK'er by far during his career.

I don't care where he ranked among LWs, where did he rank overall?
Again, positions matter. 5th, 8th and 11th at his position are significant numbers.

Brown's point totals are irrelevant? That makes no sense.
Of course it makes sense. Brown gets a huge percentage of his goals on power plays. His even-strength scoring is irrelevant to the conversation.

And again, you are talking about a guy whose job is essentially to muck around in the crease and corners, agitating the goalie and opposing defenders. He is not intended to be a scoring dynamo here, but part of a unit.

And with Forbes Kennedy on your second PK unit, you can be pretty well guaranteed that will translate to some 5-on-3 time for the Twins during this series.

Hull was 36 at the time and certainly past his prime. Adjust Bernier's best 2 WHA seasons to the NHL and you get 71 and 85 points. Passable, but average at best at this level.
A past his prime Bobby Hull would be the best player in this draft. Bernier was close to his class at his peak, and that is proof enough that he belongs on a friggin' 2nd unit power play.

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